Professional Introduction

Superior Steel

One Piece Hot Drop Forged From German Molybdenum Vanadium X50CrMoV15 Steel Alloy , Ice-Hardened available.

Razor Sharp Edge

Skillfully Honed
Cutting Edge, Laser Angle Tested , Enhanced Sharpeness, Edge Holding & Ease of Re-Sharpening

HACCP Standard

Color Coding system available , Comply with HACCP regulation. HACCP Color Coding, White for Dairy , Red for Raw Meat, Blue for Seafood, Brown for Cooked Food, Green for Vegetable, Yellow for Poultry , Purple for Allergen.

NSF Certified

NSF Certified, meet health and safety standards, Dishwasher Safe and SteriShield® Anti-Bacterial protection.

Safe Touch

Ergonomic, Slip Resistant with Santoprene® & Derlin® , DuPONT® resin. Seamless Design on Handle.

The analysis of thesteel alloy

X =Surgical steel
50 =0.5% carbon .The carbon content is significant for the sharpness,edge retention and honing of the blade.
Cr =Chromium for stain-resistant properties
Mo =Molybdenum enhances the stain-resistant properties
V =Vanadium
15 =Contents of chromium in 15%

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